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EyeSense, LashSense, BrowSense, and ShadowSense

The Eye Collection by SeneGence, is an unprecedented ensemble of cosmetics for your eyes that just make so much sense! The revolutionary product formulation of our liquid eyeliner, mascara, brow color, and eye shadow, contain the same long lasting capability of all our SenseCometics™ and they do not smear off or rub off, and are waterproof. Additionally, our amazing long lasting eye shadow contains SenePlex™, creating a cosmetic that not only beautifies but nourishes and protects the sensitive and fragile skin around your eye area. Once again, all ingredients are FDA approved for cosmetic usage, and there is no animal testing.

Staying Power: Smudge proof, budge proof, and waterproof, EyeSense™, LashSense®, BrowSense® , and ShadowSense™ should last between 4 to 18 hours* depending upon how you apply the products and your body chemistry. * Some medications can reduce the staying power of the product.




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EyeSense® - Put it to the test! You will find the "eyes" will definitely have it when you use our amazing waterproof and smudge proof liquid eyeliner available in hues that compliment all eye colors. Lines easily and holds firmly! EyeSense™ comes in a beautiful .125 oz tube


LashSense® - Create a look that flatters when you flutter with our lovely LashSense® shades. Remember, our mascaras won't run away even during the weepiest movies. It goes on and holds on! LashSense® comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube



B rowSense

BrowSense® - Our innovative liquid brow coloring technology not only has incredible staying power, but our shades create a beautiful and natural look you will love! A two in one application tool adds and blends perfect color. BrowSense® comes in a beautiful .125 oz tube

Shadow Sense

ShadowSense™ with SenePlex™ - ShadowSense™ incorporates the same SenePlex™ proprietary formulation and advanced color technology as our MakeSense™ Foundation, Blender, and BlushSense™. The SenePlex™ formulation of ingredients found in ShadowSense™ have the ability to nourish and protect the eyelid area. We have created an eye shadow that not only beautifies, but cares for and protects the sensitive and fragile skin on your eyelids. Co-creating healthier skin with a look that lasts throughout the day, is the mission of our incredible CosmetiCare technology. In a gorgeous array of colors, ShadowSense™ with SenePlex™ not only creates an exquisite look, it wears long and true. ShadowSense™ comes in a beautiful .25 oz tube



LashSence with Under Sense

LashSense® With UnderSense™ - Pump, pump, pump up the volume of your gorgeous lashes! This fabulous lash-builder lengthens and creates bigger, fuller, more noticeable lashes. UnderSense™ goes on before LashSense®, and it too will endure your day, whether rain or shine. UnderSense™ - it is what's underneath that counts.






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